Based of the original Series who rightfully belongs to Yoshihiro Takahashi.

It begins with Angelina a Akita/Kai Ken mix pup, starts her journey along with Mikku the German Shepherd and her childhood friend along with Weed to search for their fathers.

The Story Edit

Monster Arc Edit

Angle's journey starts as her and Mikku's mothers, Luna and Ryu dies of an illness when they is only about six months old. They met Weed and GB, Smith

Angle and the others start their travel towards Ōu to find Angle's and Weed's fathers, Gin,and Hinatoro the supreme commanders of the Ōu soldiers. On their way they meet many enemies and make new friends. As they arrive, they discover that Ōu is under attack by a vicious creature simply known as the monster. The monster turns out to be a gene manipulated dog which escaped from his laboratory and now eats humans for food and revenge, thus causing the humans to hunt after the dogs in the mountains, believing the feral dogs are to blame.

They join forces with Ken and Kagetora to free Ōu from the monster. Before the battle begins, they meet a German Shepherd named Jerome and his squad, Robert, Rocca, North, and Wheeler

Their squad has been assigned to bring down the monster, regardless of the cost. Eventually our heroes join up with this squad, and they all go to bring down the monster together. The next couple of battles against the monster result in many casualities, including all of Jerome's subordinates and Smith. Despite this the dogs manage to slay the beast. And for the moment, seemingly bring order back to the canine paradise.

(ill Edit Later)

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