(ゲリ Geri)


Karelian Bear Dog


The Amazonians, Rishiri Island



Family or owners

Seppo, Maikki (parents); Mielikki, Aatami, Shasta (siblings)




Newborn to 1 year (The Three Packs' stories, Part I); 1.5 years to 5 years (Part II)


Geli (ゲリ Geri) is the third child of Seppo and Maikki, and the second-oldest female. Whereas the rest of her family had white necks, Geli didn't - instead, it's on her back. According to Maikki herself, one of Seppo's relatives had a similar look to them as Geli had, thus possibly giving a bit of an explanation to where she could've gotten it, and thus killing off any possible suspicions that the elderly Karelian had done it with another male.

Unlike either of her siblings, who were either afraid of or admired their mother greatly for her actions, Geli publicly condemned her mother on several occasions. Seeing her mother abuse the males for no apparent reasons but in order to show them who was the dominant dog around, Geli couldn't help but be disgusted at her mother's behavior, especially if the dogs had done nothing wrong. When Maikki started to abuse Aatami, however, Geli truly came to hate her mother, and whatever good relationship they had turned sour. Despite these feelings, Maikki still named her as her successor, much to the younger Karelian's disgust.

However, despite hating her mother, Geli was still deeply saddened when finding out about her mother's fate after she'd left following one of their many arguments, and that despite everything she did indeed love her daughter.

Despite her having grown up in a very rough environment, Geli often showed off a personality you really wouldn't expect from someone like her; easy-going, flirtatious towards both males and females (especially the females), teasing, and also a bit blunt simply for the "comedic effect". Deep down, however, is a female who is under severe pressure from everyone in the pack since regaining it from her mother's killer, and who desperately wants to know just who her father really was.

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