German Sheperd (Albino)


Resse's pack, Ohu



Family or owners

Sei (Adopted Daughter)

Fang from Hokkaido was a member of Resse's pack, and was chosen to be one of the 4 generals. Fang was assigned to patrol their territory when he finds a small puppy named Sei. He knew he couldn't bring her back to Resse. So he put her over by a small cave he knew of (Resse didn't know about it). Each day since, he would get some food for Sei andhe would try to keep their meeting a secret. But Byakeren Found out about Fang and Sei, and told Resse. Resse grew angry with Fang. But instead of killing him, he banished him from his territory. So he left, and toke Sei with him. A few days later, Fang was trying to find Sei's parents. But Sei explained that her parents got killed before she met Fang. So he decided to be her Foster Father. Both he and Sei agreed to this and went on their way. He wasn't seen until near the final battle, when Kyyushi,Hoko, and Sora finds them resting along side a river. Kyyushi warned them about the battle to be had, But he already knew about this and was waiting for them. He wanted to join ohu ever since his banishment and Kyyushi agrees to let him and Sei join.