Fallon (adult) - Kopia

(ファロン Faron)


German Shepherd


The Top 5 Pack, Rishiri Island (Second Generation Leader)


Deceased (illness)

Family or owners

Fallon's mother (biological mother); Allen (adoptive father); Sheila, Tapps, Helena, Yuri (adoptive siblings); Isabella "Izzy", Ryan, Ryan and Izzy's sibling, Sora, Adina, Vidar, Rin, Miyuki, Sylar (step-siblings)




2 weeks to 6 months (The Three Dog Packs' stories, Part I); 10 months to 4 years (Part II)

Fallon is a German Shepherd from Rishiritou no Inu no Densetsu, acting as one of the many protagonists in the series.


Fallon (ファロン Faron) was a brave dog and a strong fighter, much like her adoptive father, Allen. Raised under the ideals of Badaq, Fallon shared a lot in common with the late Leader, although there were some differences between them; while Badaq was known to have zero tolerance for slackers, Fallon would often try to goad these so-called slackers into telling her what the problem might be, usually in a very calm yet stern voice. Also, while Badaq would crack rather easily when under extreme pressure and accidentally lash out at just about anyone, Fallon had a lot more control of her emotions; however, that doesn't mean that she was unable to crack, as shown when Allen went into Berserk Fury Mode several days after Badaq's funeral.

Another two more traits that probably need to be brought up is her willingness to help others, and her having a rather large pride. These two traits were known to have caused Fallon more harm than do her any good, as she often refused help when needed in order to find any possible solutions to any problems her pack might've gone through.

As a pup, Fallon was a very friendly, lively girl, often getting herself into some kind of mischief together with Ishana, but as she matured under the tutelage of Badaq, her mind hardened, and she instead started to focus all her energy on trying to help others, while occasionally being a bit blunt about some things. As an adult, however, Fallon had lost most of that playfulness, although it did peak out once in a while; even when relaxing with her mate and seemingly giving into the other female's charms, Fallon always held a very mature "what are you doing, brat?" kind of look on her face before turning the tables on Helena. This change in her personality might have possibly been caused by the various traumas that she had to go through while growing up.