Daiki (大毅)


Akita/Kishu/Kai Ken Mix


Ou Army

First appearance


Last appearance

No information



Family or owners

Reima (Great-Great-Grandfather), Hyoma,Suko,Haruna (Great-Grandparents), Hinatoro and Luna (Grandparents), Angelina (mother),Kyoshiro (Father), Kuromura,Akane (Uncles),Kazu (cousin),Taromaru,Haruki and Hayate (Siblings)

Meaning of Name


Place of Birth

Akita Prefecture


3-7 months old (GDW:O) 1 year old (G:TLW)

Daiki is the Tritagonist of Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion. She is the second oldest and the daughter of  Angelina and Kyoshiro.

Appearance Edit

Daiki is a pure-white like her father with red eyes (which she gets that form her mother).

Personality Edit

She is an aggressive, impatient and violent young dog like her father (only to enemies) but she is smart and strong.

She is a very brave and confident fighter, Like her father and she may get herself and others in trouble because of her impulsiveness and tendency to not think things through.

Although she often has good intentions.

Ginga Densetsu Angelina Edit

Along with Weed and Koyuki's pups and her siblings Aki makes a minor appearance in the end of the series, as she is born as the second oldest of Angelina and Kyoshiro.

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