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No one knows how or why Dahila was abandoned in the Bath alleyways, but she was lucky to have been found by Liara, who had just recovered from giving birth to her own puppies. She took pity on the little Dalmatian and adopted her, giving her the name Dahila. Soon after her new adoptive family left for Japan, Dahila was examined by Akame.

Dahila had been born with a birth defect found in severly inbred pups: she had two extra limbs. Other than that, Dahila grew up to be a healthy Dalmatian despite her handicap. But she didn't grow up without problems of her own: she had been forbbiden to hunt by her mother and grandfather because of her deformity.

She constantly asks everyone she knows to teach her how to hunt, but she is turned down at every turn. Eventually when her family goes on vacation in London, she finds herself along with them in an alleyway, the very place she never wanted to be again.

No Title

Mother/Aunt and Father/Uncle

Checkers and "Lucky"

Adoptive Mother and Fathers

Liara, Kovu and Nakari

Adoptive siblings

Dusty, Ryou, Black Fang


James, Smoke, Chika, Deathclaw








(GOJL first arc: Newborn) Fourth arc(Young Teen) Fifth arc(Young adult)



Deformities from being inbred

Two extra limbs

Too many parameters

Dahila-incest child

Young Dahila

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