Akita/German Shepherd mix




(Parents):Weed and Jerome (Siblings):Soren,Jerome Jr.,Joshua, Angel,Yuki,Orion,Sirius,Rigel, Bellatrix (Uncles):Yukimura,Joe (Grandparents):Gin and John

Happy family by sonodesu-d53chnk

Coryn with his mother (Weed) and his father (Jerome)

Coryn is the son of Weed and Jerome. Created by GinandWeedo

(Pics of his siblings:COMING SOON)

About CorynEdit

Coryn is the second oldest from his siblings. He has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. His brothers are Soren, Jerome Jr., and Joshua. His two sisters are Angel and Yuki. 

(Editing more info about him later) 
Coryn by yugiohfreakxd-d50abig

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