First appearance

Ohu game ch. 12 PT2 ; T.G.S Ch.29


Unknown (possibly alive)

Bruce is Weed's substitute in both the "Ohu Game", and "The Gang Story".

Ohu GameEdit

While Weed's group was in Asia, Weed had managed to find him and, since he looked so much like him, he had agreed to take his place and got captured instead. For some time, he stayed in the prison and then helped the others escape. He acted as the soudaishou for awhile, but when Jerome found out, he was attacked and he told then of what Allen was planning to do, since probably know they would had figured it out. Not much is said on what happened to him after that in the Ohu Game.

The Gang StoryEdit

In the sequel, he was chosen secretly by Weed to be his true substitute for him saving him back in Asia. One day, he was assigned to sub for Weed, but as he puts it, he never came back. He was then captured by Lintoru, along with Hiro, Mel, and Ragnar. They were rescued later by Collin and his small possi. Much of ohu wasn't told of his job, so they all thought he was the soudaishou. He grew guilty when he was called that while he was back with his friends. He was later ratted out by Akasama, saying that his old scar didn't come from Lintoru. He at first lied, saying Allen gave it to him, but Kagetora said he dosnt remember that happening. So then, ashamed of his lying, he told the truth and all that had happened. When Collin was suddenly snatched by Hisuteri, he was told to fallow Carlos. He was only one of few who witnessed his death, and he was the one that was carrying him back.