IMG 1923

This is Bleed. He's the sexy and edgy af main character of Ginga Sekushī Hottosutaddo Bleed and like also the brother-son-cousin of Weed. He's neon red with hot pink eyes cuz that's totally possible and he has gold teeth and is like super sexy like that. He has like a bunch of like scars from fights and from cutting himself. He also has a 666 ft long purple dong that is like super sexy and all the dogs like want it inside them. He's totally like capable of getting like pregnant but he's still a male so. He's also emo and super edgy cuz he has a tragic past and he's super like depressed and stuff. He was like abused and expirmented on by humans and he has a knife for a paw and like a knife for an ear. Also his eye was like gouged out. He like cuts himself like all the time and he's always cumming, peeing, pooping, and crying. His cum, pee, poo, and tears are all like mixed with blood cuz he's totally dead inside. He like totally tore his heart out of his chest cuz he's just like so edgy and depressed. He's totally still alive though cuz that's like totally possible for him to live without his heart like seriously. Also If you don't like him then you're totally a super offensive Sexydoggyphobe and you should like stay the hell away from me like seriously.

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