Bash is the leader of a local pack. He first appears when he challenges Kyyushi for who gets Hoko. He fight with all his strengh, but his agility gave Kyyushi the edge. And bash loses. He decides to go with Kyyushi as his bodyguard. He was mainly a Backgrond character in the first story.

In Ginga Farle Aotora, he was seen with Kyyushi and Hoko when they were attacked by Black Shuck. While stuck in prison, Saiko told him that H-Hound killed his son, Tyrone. He grew angry with Black shuck's group. And then was told an escape plan by Saiko. He was the first to escape from black shuck the first time. Along with Ron,Gloria,and Alfred. But Black Shuck managed to find them. He tells Gloria to run away before he shows up. And charges at black shuck's clan. He kills H-Hound, and 25 other dogs during the battle. But Black Shuck sneaks up behind him, and bites the back of his head. Bash then was jabbed in the head with a tree branch. He collapsed into the snow. He saids his famous last words "You can break my bones...but you can't break my spirit. I...will be avenged". And he closes his eyes forever. Sunny was guided to him by Gloria. His body was buried by Sunnys Blossum tree, With the ohu soldiers watching from afar. His spirit appears during the final battle and rips open his head, giving a weak point for Aotora, And disappears.