Axel the son of gin and sniper by ginandweedo-d4uxlk4
Axel is an original character made by GinandWeedo. He's the son of Sniper and Gin.

GDW:AU (bart12345's version)Edit



Doberman x Akita Inu mix


Ohu Army


A month old

Family or owners

Shiro, Yamabuki (great-grandparents, uncle and aunt); Riki, Fuji (grandparents); Sniper, Gin (biological parents); "Giyan", "Hiyan" (uncles); Weed, Joe, Yukimura, John Jr., Gin Jr., Belle, Tin Tin, Mike (half-siblings)


No information

Axel is very timid, despite who his father is, and loves his mother dearly. He is very caring for his half siblings and his adopted father John. He can be aggressive when angered - for an example, when he found out what his biological father,sniper,had done to his mother, he was furious.

His mother Gin told his children about his existence soon after he was reunited with his family.

His red collar was given to him by Daisuke when he was four months old.

Axel loves his mother very much, but it takes Gin a month for him to love Axel after he is born.

Axel with gin and john

Axel with gin and John.

Weed,joe,yukimura and axel

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