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Albino is a member of Clover's part of the pack. She first appears in the platoon after the first fight with Sirius and the "dynamic duo". She was healing Tabi. She was really impressed with the fight, and licks Tabi on the head. She began to get feelings for him. She didn't appear until when the group arrived by a sea side cliff, and she and Tabi was assigned for fishing by the sea. When they got there, she told Tabi to spread out to help find food. But instead, she finds a shiny stone for Tabi. She returns to him with a few fish, and showed him the stone. She hoped that the stone gave him the reason for her love, but failed. She was sleeping by Tabi when she was awoken when Tabi left after Bito. She fallowed him to a nearby cliffside. She hid nearby as she witnessed Bito's death. She wasn't seen when the pack seen Bito's carcass. She appears later when she showed Tabi one of Bito's fangs. She thought it would be a reminder of his brother. But Tabi grew angry and callers a "jealous theif". Oddly, she didnt believe that he ment it. She later appeared in the moist canyon where Tabi was going through, and finally told him her affection. She was happy that he accepted her affection. During the battle with Black Shuck, she was injured by one of Black Shuck minions, excluding her from the fight. During the tundra arc, she was now Tabi's mate. She had a litter of 4 pups; made up of 3 males, and a female. Since the whole Black Shuck affair, she became crippled, and didn't participate as much. She had to stay behind with her pups when everyone left for a mission in ohu.