Alary the daugther of Akatora and Minazuki and the sister of Jane,Kazetora, Sara,Naria,andTiana
Alary by digimonfrontier77-d4bjioy



Kai Ken/Siberian Husky mix





Family or owners

Akatora, Minazuki (parents); Neira, Tiana,Sara,Kazetora(biological siblings); Kyrina (half-sibling); Kajitora (step-father); Amy, Himiko, Oki, 5 unnamed pups(Nefews/Neices); Pyrotora and other unnamed pups(Childeren) Kai and Tim (Nefews); Suruki (Brother-in-law) Chutora , Kurotora , Uzuki , Hazuki , Kisaragi , Bill , Hakuro (uncles); Tony, Kagetora, Harutora, Nobutora, Bill and Chutora's pups (cousins)

Alary is the secondborn daughter of Akatora and Minazuki. When she heard that her mother and sister went off to training and never came back she and her other sisters, along with Rukai and Wilson, went out to find Minazuki and Sara. Upon reuniting with them, she meets James, Mozart, Mora, Smoke, and Jin and becomes great friends with them. She even meets a secret lover who later becomes the father of her children.

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