Akane (茜)


Akita/Kai Ken Mix


Akane's pack (Leader),Ōu army

First appearance

GDA vol 30 chpt 3 (flashback), GDA vol 52 chpt 1

Last appearance

The Last Wars Vol 2, Chapter 3


Deceased (Killed by Monsoon)

Family or owners

Katy (Owner),Reima (Great-Grandfather),Suko, Haruna (Great-Grandparents), Hoyma,Akamaru and Tiara (Grandparents), Hinatoro (father), Luna (GDW) (mother), Seth (Adopted father), Hinatoro's siblings (Uncles), Sera and Lukio (Cousins), Kuromura and Angelina (Siblings), Kazu (Daughter), Taromaru, Daiki, Haruki and Hayate (Nephews and Nieces),



Name Meaning

Deep Red

Place of Birth

Northern Alps

Akane is the middle son of Hinatoro and Luna, Kazu's father and Seth's adopted son. He is a former pet dog. He is a loyal dog of Ōu.

Ginga Densetsu Weed Edit

Akane was born in the Northern Alps. His mother, Luna, soon turned ill and she gave Akane and his brother, Kuromura,to Seth to take care of, because they were the strongest and most independent of three siblings.

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