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Akame as seen in the GNG anime

Akame is by Yoshihiro Takahashi

Ginga Nagareboshi GinEdit

After a hunting accident, where a man had first thought he was a flying squirrel, Akame was captured to be trained as a hunting dog. However, Ben, who at that time was still living with his owner, decided to let Akame go so he could fulfill his tasks and take care of his puppies.

When Akame meets Ben again, he mistakes him for being one of the minions of his sworn enemy, Kurojaki, the leader of the Koga Dogs. Akame poisons Ben and his group. After realizing who Ben was, he brings Gin, Kirikaze, and Jinnai with him to find medicinal herbs to cure the poison. They walk into Kurojaki's trap. Akame attacks Kurojaki, allowing the others to escape and return to the group. However, Gin refuses and helps Akame.

After defeating Kurojaki and his remaining dogs, Akame joins Ben's group(which is now lead by Gin) and leave for Shikoku.

Only before the final battle with Akakabuto, his sons Jinnai and Kirikaze are killed by the bear Madara.